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Designed specifically to meet the needs of large enterprises, holdings, and industrial businesses with complicated manufacturing and detailed planing processes, the web-based Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise offers a comprehensive solutions with rich business functions and a structure that is open to further development.

Uninterrupted access over the web
Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise allows accessing the system anywhere, anytime. With a structure that can be used with mobile devices as well, it allows uninterrupted management and control of complicated processes. Thanks to instant access to data, business processes become more efficient and cost and time savings are achieved.    

Rich function cluster
Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise covers all business processes including manufacturing processes, from resource management to material requirements planning, and from cost accounting to foreign trade, and can be enriched with additional functions when needed.

The right decisions with up-to-date data
Thanks to the instant transfer of data generated in the system between business units, all business processes flow with reliable data. This makes management more efficient throughout the business. When there is an information entry created into the system, all departments are able to directly access current information within their authority. Simultaneous communication between users saves time and lowers the level of unnecessary communication.

Central control of all processes
Thanks to time and space-independent Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, every operation from stock control and supply of raw materials required for manufacturing, to sales and after-sales services can be controlled anytime, anywhere. This contributes to the sustainable performance of the business. Thanks to single-pointed access, users can have simultaneous communication among themselves, saving time and lowering the level of unnecessary communication. 


  • Ease of use with user-friendly interfaces

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise was designed with the comfort of all users in mind. The desktop can be easily personalized with background customizations and the drag & drop feature which allows the viewing of every function at the same time. This provides faster access for transactions to be carried out over the system. Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise also makes a difference with features such as its functional search button and the ability to add different external links to the desktop. 

  • Widgets and apps for custom applications

    Every sector and business has specific requirements of their own. In addition to its rich menu of standard functions, Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise can be further enhanced with apps and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners.  

  • Central management in groups of companies and holdings

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise is an ideal ERP solution for holdings and groups of companies comprising of multiple firms, and allows joint coding at the head office and at the branches. Different coding systems specific to each branch, business or holding can be implemented as well. Many operations can be carried out from the center thanks to central management. Group-level profitability can be calculated by including all branches and subsidiaries. The entire inventory can be viewed, and cashflow can be analyzed separately or at the group level. Thanks to Consolidated Statements, the assets, liabilities, equities, income and expenses of each company in the group can be combined.

  • Reliable data for the right decisions

    Thanks to up-to-date and reliable financial data, Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise provides instant access to accurate information. Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise allows the entering and analyzing of financial data anywhere and anytime, allowing you to make strategic decisions with confidence. With its flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure, this solution also offers the opportunity to follow international activities and access up-to-date profitability analyses. 

  • Full control over commercial activities

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise sets levels and generates reports of the chart of accounts on the basis of business and methods of operation. Use of the dimensions of branches, reference codes, and project codes in records simplifies the chart of accounts. Thanks to the integrated structure of financial management, the need for entering accounting invoices is eliminated. Thanks to the parametric infrastructure used in Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, documents can be transferred directly to accounting or recognized after being checked into the integration pool. This lowers workloads and increases efficiency throughout the company, in the finance and accounting units in particular. 

  • Effective control with the Cost Accounting module

    Cost accounting, one of the most critical processes in manufacturing, can be effectively controlled with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, anywhere and anytime. The effects of all costs in the production process of a product can be easily identified in the system, and the cost of the product can be viewed. This makes it possible to achieve significant increases in manufacturing efficiency, competitive advantage, and profitability. 

  • Automation of fixed asset monitoring

    The Fixed Asset Management function of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise enables effective monitoring of processes such as buying fixed assets, debiting them to personnel, and disposing of them. Thanks to multiple amortization schedules, amortization can be calculated in local currency according to the Tax Procedure Law, in reporting currency according to international reporting, and in local currency according to the Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS). In addition, different depreciation accounts can be transferred to accounting through separate accounts.

  • Competitive advantage in international trade

    The Foreign Trade screen of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise enables import and export operations to be performed more effectively, more efficiently and in compliance with legal obligations. All liabilities can be monitored in compatibility and integration with other processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.

  • More efficient manufacturing thanks to cost savings

    Specifically designed for manufacturing businesses, Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise lowers manufacturing costs by optimizing all manufacturing processes. Resources are effectively managed through functions such as forecasting, production flow control, quality control, and machine maintenance and repair, as well as master production scheduling, capacity planning, materials requirement planning, and advanced production planning (scheduling). This provides cost savings, and increases efficiency and profitability.

  • Automation in procurement and purchases

    With Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, all procurement processes, from raw materials required for production to purchases of services for different operations can be managed over the web. All transactions, from orders to invoices can be monitored in relation to each other, offering end-to-end supervision of the process. Error rates decline because many transactions are carried out automatically. In addition to identifying the most appropriate option by collecting offers from suppliers, details such as discounts and forward prices in contracts of suppliers who are regularly worked with can be defined in Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise based on dates. Thanks to the ability to make definitions such as procurement time, this solution considerably simplifies planning and lowers workloads.

  • More effective stock control

    Stock control, which is one of the most critical points in production planning, can be conducted anytime and anywhere with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise. Thus, stock-oriented targets and strategies can be created, instant stock values and levels can be monitored and stock costs can be controlled. Products can be easily tracked thanks to the materials classification and leveled hierarchy designed for businesses working with various product ranges. With flexible structuring (variant), materials of the same variety can be tracked with different features. Thus, a change that concerns thousands of materials can be updated by changing only a single definition. Reporting can be performed through a single unit with the conversion coefficients feature. 

  • Dynamic Warehouse for efficiency increases in warehouse processes

    The Dynamic Warehouse function of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise allows goods to be easily placed in the warehouse and to be easily collected during issuance with the help of defined parameters. As it becomes easy to follow all the movements of raw materials and products in the warehouse, while purchasing, placement, collection and dispatch operations can be managed smoothly. Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise offers the flexibility to shape the rules within the warehouse with the help of parameters, and makes it possible to match goods with shelves based on their volumes, and track the stock entries/exits and production movements through serial numbers with the Serial/Lot Tracking application.

  • Integrated management from orders to shipments

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise allows integrated control of the whole process from taking and entering orders into the system to their delivery. Information in relation to stocks, requests, offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices and customer debts are easily monitored through the system, while the issue of invoices in foreign currencies for international operations and the tracking of payments in foreign currencies facilitate processes. With an effective sales and distribution process, proper and timely management of operations becomes possible.

  • Technology that allows customization and development of new solutions

    - Dynamic Coding support provided for Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise makes it possible to open new forms, send pop-up warning messages or block processes based on the rules defined during document entry.

    - Businesses that develop their own applications or would like to integrate Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise with different applications use the NetOpenX feature. With NetOpenX, records can be transferred to the ERP solution and data can be retrieved without interrupting business logic.

    - The Netsis Rest API interface covers the NetOpenX functions, and offers standardization, convenience and consistency for the development of web-based or mobile applications.

    - The NDI tool can be used in integration with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise to design custom data entry screens for companies.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution different from the Logo Netsis 3 Enterprise solution?

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise is a solution that allows the use of Logo Netsis 3 Enterprise over the web. You can use Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, which offers flexible payment options, via mobile devices anytime, anywhere, thanks to its web-based structure. 

  • Do I need to install anything else on the device that I will use with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    You don’t need to install anything on the client machine to be able to use Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise; you can use your ERP solution with a web browser that supports HTML 5. All web browsers are supported. 

  • Can we use Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise only over the web? Can it be used it as a desktop application as well?

    You can use Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise over the web with a web bowser, or you can use it as a desktop application. Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise also offers the ability to be used as a desktop application and web application simultaneously. 

  • I would like to use this solution in the cloud. Can I install it in a cloud server instead of a physical server?

    You can start using your Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution after installation either on a physical server or via a cloud server.

  • Do we need to install IIS (Internet Information Services) on the server?

    There is no need for IIS installation on the server planned to be used for the installation of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise.

  • Which databases are supported for Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    Oracle and MS SQL Server databases are supported.

  • What is the pricing policy of the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution?

    Pricing for Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise is flexible; you can either make monthly or annual payments on the basis of users, or you can choose a one-time payment option. 

  • Can I track my bank loans and interest calculations with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    You can define your bank loans on Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise and easily track your loan transactions.

  • Can I establish a holding structure that can manage multiple branches or businesses? Can I perform financial consolidation across the holding?

    The Branch/Company/Holding structure is hierarchically supported in the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution. You can create your reports for financial consolidation on the basis of the businesses or the holding.

  • Can I manage campaigns with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    You can define your campaigns by opening the condition application and use these campaigns for buying/selling transactions.

  • Can I define the cells in my warehouses and follow stocks based on cells?

    With the Dynamic Warehouse screen, you can define the cells in your warehouses and follow stocks based on cells.

  • Can I use cost accounting?

    You can track the costs in your production processes by purchasing the Cost Accounting module of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise.

  • Can I track requests and offers? Can I create orders following the request and offer process?

    Requests and offers can be tracked in the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution. Order transactions can also be tracked following the Request/Offer process.

  • How do I track and schedule the machine maintenance operations?

    Machine maintenance operations can be undertaken, maintenance can be scheduled, and autonomous maintenance as well as predictive maintenance can be performed with the Machine Maintenance module, offered additionally with the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution. 

  • I want to plan the products that need to be produced based on the appropriate machines in sequence and report the delayed jobs after planning. Can I perform these transactions?

    You can plan the products to be produced in the most precise way based on operations and machines and view the delayed jobs with the Advanced Production Planning (scheduling) module of the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution.

  • Can I track the quality control procedures?

    You can manage your quality control processes, and create statistical control charts with the Quality Control module of the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution. 

  • Can I perform planning transactions such as MRP/Master Production Scheduling/Forecasting?

    Thanks to the MRP module of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, you can manage the forecasting, master production scheduling, and materials requirement planning (MRP) processes.

  • I would like to manage Fixed Assets. Is this possible with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    You can manage your fixed assets by purchasing the Fixed Assets module of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise.

  • I would like to create schedules of materials and generate production records using these schedules. Can I perform these operations on Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise?

    With the production module of Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise, you can perform general production management such as creating schedule of material records, tracking job orders, and generating production records. 

  • Can I use the Dynamic Coding feature and NDI application?

    You can use the Dynamic Coding feature with Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise. In addition, you can use interfaces of your own design with the NDI application.

  • Can I take printouts of reports?

    You can download the reports you generate in Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise to your device in a file format, and print from there. 

  • I also need e-Solutions such as e-Dispatch, e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Ledger. Can I use them?

    Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise is integrated with Logo e-Solutions.

  • Can I use the program in a language other than Turkish?

    The Turkish and English languages are standardly available in the Logo Netsis Wings Enterprise solution. If you like, you can also use other language options by purchasing them.