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Specially designed for Freelance CPAs, Logo Mali Müşavir 3 enables taxpayers to participate in e-government processes quickly by providing a full set of solutions, while reducing workload and saving time with numerous modules ranging from declarations to payrolls, ledger statement processes and bureau management.

Ease of use 

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who use Logo Mali Müşavir 3 can quickly and accurately perform all of their accounting transactions for their customers thanks to functionalities such as an easy-to-use interface, fast reporting and fast recognition. 

Abounding modules  

Designed in consideration of all the requirements of CPAs and supported with a new interface, Logo Mali Müşavir 3 covers all the accounting processes end-to-end with Bureau Management, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Operating Ledger, Tax Returns, and Integration to Ledger Statement System modules.


  • Support for general accounting processes

    The general accounting practices offered by Logo Mali Müşavir 3 provide a powerful and flexible financial recording and control system, while fully complying with the latest legal regulations. The standard chart of accounts is created automatically in the system, and sub-accounts can be created as desired. The stock, current account, chart of account definitions, receipts and invoices of taxpayers are recorded, and the income and expense items related to these transactions, as well as the related accounting accounts can be determined simultaneously. Income and expense records of invoices can be created individually or collectively. Invoices or CPA receipts can be issued for real persons or legal entities; Self-employment Earnings can be declared; and a Professional Ledger can be maintained. In addition, activities can be recognized, while ledgers and reports can be easily created. This provides speed and efficiency in accounting transactions.   

  • Efficient follow-up of tasks

    The higher the number of customers served by CPAs are, the more important it becomes to regularly and effectively follow-up with related tasks. The Task Scheduler function of Logo Mali Müşavir 3 allows all jobs and tasks to be scheduled in the calendar. The reminder feature provides alerts for all the jobs in the calendar, enabling all transactions and tasks to be performed on time. In addition, rent monitoring and automatic rent renewal can be performed through the system.

  • Bill, receipt, collection operations

    Expense, CPA, and cash collection receipts can be easily issued through Logo Mali Müşavir 3 . Accruals, payments, and accrual-payment receipts can also be defined and saved on a customer basis in Logo Mali Müşavir 3 . This ensures that these receipts are generated automatically in subsequent transactions, resulting in considerable time savings. In addition, thanks to the retrieval of receipts which are saved in different modules with a single key, there is no need to roam between modules. 

  • Convenience in payroll processing

    One of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming transactions for businesses and CPAs is payroll transactions. In Logo Mali Müşavir 3 , detailed information about personnel in the registration cards and visual records such as photos are maintained in one point. The registration and work records of previous personnel can also be stored in the system. Therefore, in case of a retroactive transaction or the rehiring of former staff, personnel can be tracked with the same registration card and registration number. Collective debiting, collective wage renewal, insurance transactions, score card calculation, overtime, benefits, additional payments and deductions can also be defined and easily implemented in Logo Mali Müşavir 3

  • Effective reporting

    Logo Mali Müşavir 3 enables the definitions and transactions for taxpayers to be reported in accordance with the specified filters. Running detailed queries in reports, and printing or saving the desired reports are also possible with Logo Mali Müşavir 3 which offers more than 200 report templates. 

  • Fixed asset transactions

    Information on fixed assets can be saved, and buying-selling transactions as well as depreciation calculations can be performed directly in Logo Mali Müşavir 3 . The income or expense items that such transactions are associated with, and the accounting accounts to be monitored can also be determined at the same time. Depreciation and valuation accrual for fixed assets on an annual basis and at desired periods can be realized, and expense and depreciation slips can be created in bulk.

  • Integration into the Ledger Statement System

    The Integration to Ledger Statement System feature available in Logo Mali Müşavir 3 allows direct transfer of all transactions such as receipts, invoices, etc. to the system. Thus, CPAs can submit data that constitutes of the required ledgers and statements for their customers, keeping operating ledgers, simple entry or freelance ledgers to the ledger statement system, and from there to the Revenue Administration (GİB). 

  • Exceltrans advantage

    Advantages provided by Logo Mali Müşavir 3 can be enhanced with the Exceltrans module, also developed by Logo. Offered as an additional module, Exceltrans can be directly integrated into Logo Mali Müşavir 3. With the easy-to-use menu and simple interface of the module designed specifically for the end user, it is possible to transfer data rapidly and collectively to Logo Mali Müşavir 3 through Excel.

  • e-Transformation integration

    Logo Mali Müşavir 3 runs integrated with e-Ledger, e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Dispatch, e-CPA and e-Producer Receipt solutions, and brings CPAs one step closer to digital transformation.