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The Logo Mind Insight facilitates the process of self-service data discovery and analysis, enabling data to be transformed into meaningful and action-driven information, that adds value to businesses.

Powerful analysis, data discovery and visualization capability  

Combining the innovative technologies of Logo with the Qlik infrastructure, the Logo Mind Insight Business Analytics solution enables businesses to visualize, analyze and report all of their data. This allows the current state as well as the strategies for the future to be managed in an objective manner and effectively based on data.      


  • Self-service visualization, analysis, and data discovery

    Designed to conduct in-depth analysis of data, share data from onboard and mobile environments, and offer an accurate and reliable corporate information management service, Logo Mind Insight takes self-service data discovery to a whole new level. Logo Mind Insight users can easily perform searches in the system without any restrictions, sorting or limitations, and can quickly get answers to their questions by setting the criteria they want.

  • Smart visualization

    Logo Mind Insight meticulously analyzes all the data received from different data sources, reveals the findings that could be overlooked and presents them to the attention of the users with visual graphics. Thanks to Logo Mind Insight's responsive design which automatically adapts to the screen size, the generated information and images can be used on different devices and screens. 

  • Effective information sharing

    Team members working on the same project or different project teams are able to make decisions that take into account the general interests of the enterprise by exchanging information on Logo Mind Insight. The central information repository created in Logo Mind Insight provides content streams for different subject areas and workgroups, allowing for the results of important analyses to be quickly retrieved or shared with other teams. 

  • Access to data at any time and place

    Logo Mind Insight provides mobility to all analytical capabilities thanks to its ability to be used via the web or the mobile application without being limited to built-in systems. All features such as data discovery, review, visualization, reporting, and collaboration can be accessed via any device thanks to the unified HTML5 client. With the Qlik Sense Mobile application, that can be downloaded to devices with iOS & Android operating systems, it is possible to easily connect to the Logo Mind Insight server and perform transactions. Thanks to this mobile application, all the Logo Mind Insight applications authorized by the system administrator can be viewed and downloaded on mobile devices as well.

  • User-friendly design

    Logo Mind Insight’s ease of use, as well as the ability of users to easily design their own reports, sets this solution apart from the others. All data managed in a central structure can easily be placed through the drag-and-drop method, and enriched with calculations and visuals without having to write complex SQL queries, or deal with connecting visual objects to each other. 

  • Dynamic structure with central data management

    Thanks to the strong data integration offered by Logo Mind Insight, data from different sources can be cleaned, converted and combined without the need for any application or data storage tool.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is the product's structure for license use?

    There is a license structure based on the assignment of the license to the user's name. One license is available only for one user. Different sessions cannot be managed with the same username.

  • Does Logo Mind Insight have to be on the same server as the Logo ERP products?

    No, there is no such requirement. Logo Mind Insight is recommended to be installed on a different server (preferably on a dedicated one) to avoid performance issues and installation problems in Logo Mind Insight.

  • Can I access the app via devices with iOS operating systems?

    Yes, Logo Mind Insight can also be accessed from devices with iOS operating systems. You can review the “Management and System Requirements Document” for the configuration of the access settings.

  • Can I access the app via devices with Android operating systems?

    Yes, Logo Mind Insight can also be accessed from devices with Android operating systems. You can review the “Management and System Requirements Document” for the configuration of the access settings.

  • Does Logo Mind Insight have a mobile app?

    Since Logo Mind Insight is a product with a Qlik Sense infrastructure you can connect the Logo Mind Insight server with the Qlik Sense Mobile app on AppStore, and access your reports via your mobile phone or tablet.

  • What data sources can I link to Logo Mind Insight?

    You can link all the Logo products, your Excel files, and the databases of the products that the Logo solution partners developed for you, to Logo Mind Insight.

  • I have a lot of data in the Logo ERP product. Would I experience performance issues during report viewing?

    Logo Mind Insight minimizes the likelihood of a performance problem with its data compression and in-memory reporting technologies and allows you to access your reports in seconds with the “Smart Search” feature.

  • Is it possible to make changes in the ready-made reports?

    Yes, administrators and authorized users can make changes on reports received via integrations. Non-administrator users can replicate reports and make changes on their copies based on their authority.

  • How can I share a report I designed on my own with another user?

    Users can authorize other users to view the reports they designed on their own which are located in the integration folder, based on their authority. Reports that users designed can be shared with other users by the admin user via the Management Console.

  • Is it possible for me to access the application from outside the company?

    Yes, you can access your reports from anywhere, at any time with Logo Mind Insight. To do this, you can review the steps for Opening the App for External Connections in the document included in the link.

  • Can I get detailed information about the system requirements for the installation of the application?

    You can review the system requirements in the document included in the link.

  • Can I use the app via http?

    Yes, you can. To do this, you can review the section "Operating Mode Selection" in the Management document included in the link.

  • Can I run the application through a different SSL certificate?

    Yes, you can run Logo Mind Insight through a certificate used in your company. To do this, you can review "Certificate Operations" in the Management document included in the link.