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The Logo WMS Platform lowers costs while increasing profitability and efficiency and ensures effective control of processes for large and medium-sized businesses by offering integrated and automated warehouse management.

Single platform management  

Logo WMS Platform provides single platform management of warehouse operations and a strong customer experience between channels. Logo WMS Platform manages the process by providing smart guidance in every warehouse process such as acceptance of goods, warehouse placement, collection of goods for shipments, selection of the most appropriate vehicle for shipment, shipment of goods, and delivering goods to the customer.

Suitable for different sectors 

With a structure that is suitable for many different sectors and lines of business, Logo WMS Platform meets the needs of businesses that would like to manage their warehouse processes in the most efficient way possible. 

Time and cost savings 

Thanks to Logo WMS Platform, which automates warehouse management processes, human resources in warehouses are used more efficiently, generating labor, time, and cost savings.


  • Wide range of module options

    The Logo WMS Platform offers a wide range of modules including Acceptance of Goods, Replenishment, Shipments, Goods Collection, Stock Management, and Production. Thus, all business processes including purchases, production, sales, distribution management, and labeling are brought together at a single point. With the Logo WMS Platform, which is the only warehouse management system solution that can be customized for different processes, every business achieves efficiency gains in their unique processes. 

  • Flexible platform

    Logo WMS Platform is the only warehouse management system solution in Turkey that has an RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, and allows the making of improvements in a short period of time, at a low cost, by customizing the sensitive processes in warehouses on a needs basis.

  • Compatibility with next-generation technologies

    Integrated with next-generation technologies such as barcodes, RFID and 2-D barcode technologies, the Logo WMS Platform increases business efficiency by including labeling and label reading processes in the system.

  • Handheld terminals

    Integrated with handheld terminals, Logo WMS Platform can perform barcode and RFID readings via these terminals. Thanks to its ease-of-use and rich functions, acceptance of goods, shipments, series/lot operations, production, pallet/packaging, and setting can be performed easily.

  • Reporting design tool

    Equipped with its own reporting and adaptation tools, Logo WMS Platform offers the most appropriate reporting for different sectors and businesses. Therefore, businesses gain a competitive advantage, and improve their business processes by having a clearer view of their areas of improvement.

  • Three dimensional visualization

    Logo WMS Platform allows you to move around the warehouse in 3-D without physically being in the warehouse, and makes it possible to have a more effective warehouse control and a more efficient warehouse layout.

  • Robotic warehouse

    The Robot module included in Logo WMS Platform to manage AS/RS systems specifically designed for pallet warehouses allows successful management of fully automated warehouses.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which platforms does this application work on?

    Logo WMS Platform runs on Windows and SQL Database Server.

  • I don’t use Logo ERP. Can I use this application?

    Yes. Logo WMS Platform can be used independently from an ERP platform. 

  • Can the application be tailored to my needs?

    Yes. Logo WMS Platform can be tailored based on business needs as it has a Rapid Application Development (RAD) architecture. 

  • What equipment will I require as hardware? Where can I meet my hardware requirements? Do you sell handheld terminals and printers?

    You can consult our sales team for compatible devices.

  • Can I perform shelf-tracking?

    Yes. You can perform shelf, address, or region-based tracking with Logo WMS Platform. 

  • There is no internet connection in our warehouse. Can it work offline?

    Connecting the mobile terminal to the wireless local network is sufficient for Logo WMS Platform to work; no internet connection is required. Logo WMS Platform cannot be used offline.

  • We engage in production. Can I use this application to monitor production processes as well?

    Yes, you can engage in and monitor production using the production order or work order definitions via Logo WMS Platform.   

  • Can I use RFID labels?

    Yes. RFID labels can be used with Logo WMS Platform.