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Investor relations

Logo is coding the future together with its customers, business partners, employees, investors and all stakeholders as a company contributing to the sustainable success of its customers with its products and services that appeal to all companies from micro size to enterprise level. It creates value for its customers with passion and agility.

Turkey’s largest public software company and most valuable information technology brand* Logo, operates in software sector as one of the leading companies since its establishment in 1984. Logo offers application software to enterprises ranging in size from micro companies to large- scale corporations., who increased innovation and creativity in its products and services, lays the foundation for sustainable success by accompanying more than 200,000 companies so far on their journey of growth, with about 1,200 its employees and more than 800 business partners in 4 different countries at 7 different locations.

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In addition to the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, there are many complementary solutions such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Workflow Management, Warehouse Management System, Business Analytics Solutions and Retail Solutions. Having taken the lead in the ERP sector in terms of number of customers for many years, Logo has a large and dynamic ecosystem that extends from partners to Logo users, from academicians to students and industry professionals. Along with the power stemming from this ecosystem, and believing in the dreams of its customers, sharing the same goals and working diligently to fulfill them, Logo carries out its business with the vision of coding Turkey’s future together.

Since its foundation, Logo has been the innovative leader of this sector with the innovations it brought with its products, services, and business processes; more importantly with the added value it created in the digital transformation. Logo has invested in different businesses and technologies, and in recent years has made great leaps and revenue growth due to organic and inorganic growth. 66% of the Logo, which has adopted a fair and transparent management approach, is open to the public. The company became first-ever software company in Turkey, which went public in 2000.

Logo completed a significant portion of its 35-year-long history as the market leader in the industry, and after a series of strategic investments aiming at transferring abroad the know-how and experience gained in Turkey, it continues on the path towards becoming a regional player. Logo has been pursuing its firm growth with 35% revenue CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the last 5 years.


We write the future together.


We create value for our customers in collaboration with them and with passion and agility.


With the products and services it offers, Logo focuses on efficiency gains within customers’ businesses. It offers IT tools, equipment, and services required for businesses to become more productive and more profitable, paying attention to the unique structure of each sector and business, and modern management techniques.


Logo considers using its resources efficiently, and being an efficient and profitable business, as part of its responsibility to its employees, customers, and society.

Customer satisfaction

Unconditional customer satisfaction is the most important value for Logo. Therefore, Logo pays the utmost attention to providing services and products of the highest quality. Viewing “Total Quality Management” as part of management philosophy, Logo develops close and warm relations with customers by following market preferences and standards to shape policies.

Research and development

Logo believes in effective research and development as the main driver of competitive advantage during rapidly changing conditions in the modern world. In order to provide better services to its customers, Logo spends a significant portion of its resources on research and development to create new products, improve the capabilities of existing products, and to adapt to changing technologies and platforms.

Social responsibility

Logo advocates that technology should be developed by showing respect to human and environment. It acts by assuming responsibility towards the society and the world, and adopts a constructive approach to social problems.

Business ethics

Logo believes in principles of a market economy and acts in line with these principles. The company cares about being honest, open, and consistent to its business partners and competitors, and looks out for conformance of all its processes to law, business ethics and principles.

Employee satisfaction

Logo believes that quality products and services can be produced by qualified and satisfied employees. For that reason, the company attaches great importance to continuous training of its people. By offering a good level of income, quality work environment, occupational health and safety, and a participatory management, it aims to make sure that its employees are happy, productive and socially beneficial individuals.

Equality of opportunities

Observing the principle of equal opportunity in recruitments, Logo assesses the candidates only according to their knowledge and experience. And the company assesses the success only based on the production in terms of company objectives. As a result of adopting such principle, it was shown as one of the Best 100 Companies for Women list of Capital magazine which is prepared every year.