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With Logo Diva SERVICE, manage after-sales processes in the cloud to achieve cost savings.

For customer satisfaction, after-sales service is as crucial as the product itself. Service processes that are managed in an integrated manner at all points, from the initial installation of the product to actions in relation to warranty, failure notification and spare parts procurement, increase customer loyalty for the brand. 
In line with the digital transformation seen in the retail sector, the ideal solution for after-sales service is to build a cloud-based and flexible structure. This makes it possible to configure single service or multi-service networks in a short period of time without requiring any infrastructure investment.  

Logo Diva SERVICE, which offers Logo’s innovative technologies with cloud infrastructure, managers after-sales service processes of retail companies in a fast and reliable manner. All authorized service points connect to the central structure via Logo Diva SERVICE, and efficiency increases are achieved in all service processes, from repair to the procurement of spare parts. Logo Diva SERVICE solution, which requires no technology investment, can be scaled as needed, and enables web-based communication between the center and authorized service points, enhances customer satisfaction by improving service processes.

  • Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Real-time communication between headquarters and service points
  • Standardization and supervision of service processes
  • Mobile use