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The cloud-based Logo Diva SERVICE enables retail companies to manage their entire after-sales service processes from repair to spare parts procurement in the most agile and efficient way.

Quality in after-sales service

For customer satisfaction, after-sales service is as crucial as the product itself. The service processes that are managed in an integrated manner at all points, from the initial installation of the product to the actions in relation to warranty, failure notification and spare parts procurement, increases customer loyalty towards the brand. Developed in line with this understanding, Logo Diva SERVICE enables central or multi-service networks to be managed in the most efficient way. All service operations are performed quickly and easily with Logo Diva SERVICE which can easily be activated without any investment requirements, thanks to its cloud-based structure, and can be used on all devices. 


  • Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment

    Thanks to the cloud technology of Logo Diva SERVICE that doesn’t require any investments, there is no need for investments in terminals, servers, security software, backup, database installation, maintenance support services, various software licenses, etc. for centers or services. All information that is entered into the system is securely saved, protected and backed up in a cloud environment dedicated to the company. Running on the cloud, Logo Diva SERVICE establishes a seamless network between the center and the authorized service points, enabling the real-time recording and control of all service operations.

  • High level of customer satisfaction

    Logo Diva SERVICE can be easily used by companies as well as their authorized service teams. A registration is created in the system as soon as a customer contacts the call center for a maintenance or failure notification, and the necessary guidance for service is provided. In this process, the warranty period is also monitored by checking the serial number of the relevant product. At the end of the service period, the level of customer loyalty and satisfaction is measured through surveys conducted via Logo Diva SERVICE, and the competency of the authorized service teams can be measured through the evaluation of the service aspect by the customer.

  • Consistent quality of service

    With Logo Diva SERVICE which provides standardization in services, any consumer is able to always receive the same quality of service. Since consumer information is stored in the system, it is not necessary for customers to provide the same information every time they contact the call center for services, which significantly accelerates the tracking and request processes for customers. Moreover, since customer information is stored, the same quality of service can be provided at any point in Turkey even if a customer moves to a different city. In addition, repair, maintenance and part replacement services can be completed in an optimum period as a result of the online and real-time monitoring of the process.  

  • Effective management of service teams

    Companies in particular that outsource their service processes can check the actions of the service teams directly on Logo Diva SERVICE. In addition to the ability to view service forms in real time, the accuracy of the provided service can be monitored at any time, as service teams are able to take photos of the failing product, the warranty certificate and the failure details, and upload them to the system.

  • Notification via SMS or e-mail

    In addition to the on-site maintenance/repair services of the authorized service teams, small products can be delivered directly to the service by the customer. After the creation of the registration via Logo Diva SERVICE, customers can receive information about the completion of the repair process or the current status of the service via SMS or e-mail. This prevents the accumulation of products at service points. 

  • Feedback that supports product development

    Businesses that use Logo Diva SERVICE get the opportunity to learn about customer expectations and usage habits of products, while efficiently managing their service processes and teams. Through the review of the service registrations created in the system, information is obtained about products with a higher rate of service requests; parts that particularly cause problems; and customer expectations that are more prominent. Obtaining concrete information about series that are produced defectively becomes possible by tracking the serial numbers of products. This also provides a significant contribution to the product development and improvement processes.  

  • Mobile use

    Thanks to Logo Diva SERVICE which can easily be used on mobile devices, the job of the authorized service teams becomes easier. Being able to manage the entire process from work orders to spare parts demands and stock status online, without the need to carry any documents, service teams get a printout from the mobile printer when the process is completed and forward it to the customer, or ensures that the relevant service document is sent to the customer via e-mail or SMS. 

  • Easy to use interface

    Ease of use is even more important for speed and customer satisfaction in service processes where there is a direct communication with the customer. The digital form which is almost in the same format as a printed service form can easily be completed in Logo Diva SERVICE which can be used via mobile devices by authorized service teams. A copy of the form can be sent to the customer via e-mail or SMS, or printed from a portable printer.

  • Shorter progress periods

    Companies that use Logo Diva SERVICE are able to activate the system for their own service teams or for outsourced services. If the services are outsourced, the service company's progress periods are significantly reduced as all transactions in Logo Diva SERVICE can be tracked in real time. In other words, service expenses can be taken back in a short period. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What hardware is required for Logo Diva SERVICE?

    As a platform, Logo Diva SERVICE is a web-based product which is hardware-independent. You can use a Windows computer or a stylish tablet as hardware. It also doesn’t require any installations as it’s web-based. You may contact our Sales Team for detailed information:  

  • I don't want to deal with server maintenance or costs, is Logo Diva SERVICE a convenient solution for that?

    Since Logo Diva SERVICE is a cloud-based product, you won’t need to invest in server maintenance and management.

  • What are the advantages of using Logo Diva SERVICE in the cloud?

    Since Logo Diva SERVICE is a cloud-based tool it allows you to manage all your service processes, from repair to spare parts procurement completely end to end. 

  • Can products with serial numbers be tracked in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    ERP sales invoices or manual serial numbers can be entered. Activities in the system can be displayed according to serial numbers and customer cards.

  • Is Logo Diva SERVICE suitable for channel structure?

    Yes, services can be grouped using the channel structure

  • Is Logo Diva SERVICE able to integrate invoices and serial numbers?

    e-Archive and e-Invoice synchronization is not available. Document information for e-Archives and e-Invoices created through ERP can be transferred to Logo Diva SERVICE.

  • Can authorizations be categorized based on users in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Authorization through the user and the user group is possible. Authorization for different user groups can be organized.

  • Does Logo Diva SERVICE have support for different languages?

    In addition to Turkish, there is also an English language option.

  • Can e-mails and SMS be sent via Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Yes, this can be done by defining the SMTP and SMS information.

  • Is it possible to track progress (invoicing) in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Invoicing transactions and progress calculations can be tracked via connected services.

  • Can warranties and contracts be tracked in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Yes, serial warranty and maintenance contracts can be created.

  • Does Logo Diva SERVICE have the tablet signature feature?

    Work Order records can be signed on tablet. Customer signatures are recorded on the virtual service form.

  • Is it possible to assign and track surveys in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Survey assignment and tracking are available. When a Work Order is closed, a survey can be automatically assigned.

  • Can an offer be sent/an order be placed through the system in Logo Diva SERVICE?

    Yes, offers and orders can be tracked through the system. Offer and order history can also be tracked through the system.