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Logo was founded in 1984

Founded in 1984 to develop applications for personal computers, Logo is one of the biggest software companies in Turkey. With the solutions, services, and innovations offered, Logo has become Turkey’s software industry innovation leader.

Logo's story Milestones

At Logo, R&D is not just a department, but part of the company culture.

As the industry leader in R&D investments, Logo is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Turkey with the solutions, services, and innovative products offered in the fields of technology and software.

Logo and R&D

At Logo, security and management
systems are our highest priority

Management Systems
Management Systems

The unknowns

Logo facts

Some facts we are proud to share with you!


Since its establishment in 1984, Logo has been the leading software provider and the largest public software company.


With continued development in innovation and creativity in its products and services, Logo is present in in 4 countries and 7 locations with 1,200 employees and 800+ business partners.


Logo has been the foundation of sustainable success of more than 200.000 companies’ growth venture


As the first IT company to IPO in 2000, Logo has always adhered to the highest standards of transparency and governance.


With a 45% women employee ratio, Logo is committed to diversity and inclusion.