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Board of Directors

  • M. Tuğrul Tekbulut Chairman
  • M. Buğra Koyuncu Deputy Chairman and Logo Group CEO
  • Murat Erkurt Board Member
  • M. Cengiz Ultav Independent Board Member
  • M. Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu Independent Board Member
  • A. Afa Boran Independent Board Member

Top Management

  • M. Buğra Koyuncu Logo Group CEO
  • Gülnur Anlaş Logo Group Chief Financial Officer, CFO
  • Hande Yalgın Logo Group Chief People&Organizational Transformation Officer, CPO
  • İsmail Duran Logo Group Chief Technology Officer, CTO
  • Akın Sertcan Logo Yazılım Turkey General Manager
  • Arslan Arslan Logo Retail Solutions General Manager
  • Başak Kural eLogo General Manager
  • Süheyla Özgül Logo Digital Transformation General Manager
  • Uğur Nuri Sipahi Logo Group Coordinator, Information Technologies and Business Processes
  • Yiğit Çallı Logo Group Director, Corporate Brand & Communications


Working principles of the committees

Corporate governance rating reports

Shareholder structure

11 July 2019 Share (%)
Logo Teknoloji ve
Yatırım A.Ş.
8.407.513 33,63%
Public (*) 16.592.487 66,37%
25.000.000 100,00%

(*)%3,48 treasury shares are included.

Information on preferred shares

Company shares representing the capital were divided into two groups, as the A and B groups.

Of these, the privileges granted to group A shares are as follows:

1) Half of the board members will be elected from among the candidates nominated by group A shareholders.

2) The Chairman of the Board is elected from among the board members proposed by Group A shareholders.

Articles of association and commercial information