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Codes of environmental sustainability

Being one of the prominent mega trends of the 21st century and a factor of growth, digitalization facilitates human life, and renders business processes managed more efficiently and effectively. This trend that is transforming various fields ranging from production lines to agility in labor force, also contributes to reducing environmental footprints.

On the other hand, the increased need for information sharing and data storing as a result of digitalization is also increasing the demand for energy. As a consequence of the change in needs and demographics, the use rate of electronics increases and as does the quantity of e-waste. Experts estimate that by 2050, the volume of the e-waste will be equal to almost 120 million metric tons globally. Among the significant tools for tech companies to better manage and reduce these impacts are energy efficiency, transitioning to clean energies and recycling of waste through a circular economy. In addition, the solutions provided by the new technologies affect the whole stakeholder ecosystem and offer various opportunities in the fight against environmental problems.

Here at Logo, we manage the environmental impact of our operations under the guidance of Logo Environmental Policy. Renewable energy, the efficient use of resources and the circular economy form our focal points for reducing our environmental impact.

Furthermore, Logo’s leading role in environmental sustainability is the impact on the whole stakeholder ecosystem through the solutions it provides thanks to the new technologies and consequently offers various opportunities in the fight against environmental problems. For instance Logo’s customers who use eLogo solutions produced 325 million e-documents and saved 4,432 trees from being cut down.

Furthermore, with the innovative technological solutions and services Logo provide to its customers, it helps them reduce their environmental footprint. Logo constantly optimizes its software in terms of resource usage and develop code blocks that use caching and can operate faster. Logo builds and manages its own software programs in line with the micro-service architecture as far as possible. Thus, it prevents excessive energy consumption. Logo takes care of our planet in line with the vision of “Coding the future together”.

Environmental policy

The processes, duties and authorities regarding the identification, implementation, review, audit and reporting of Environmental Policy are identified by our Board of Directors in line with the laws and other regulations in effect. All our employees are responsible for enforcing, implementing and improving the Environmental Policy. Board of Directors commits to supporting the implementation of the Environmental Policy. Sustainability Working Group takes actions as a supporting structure within the scope of Environmental Policy. You may send all your questions and remarks regarding environmental issues to