Codes of environmental sustainability

Logo’s leading role in environmental sustainability is the impact on the whole stakeholder ecosystem through its solutions consequently offering various opportunities in the fight against environmental problems. Logo Flow that transfers workflow applications carried by businesses on paper to the electronic environment reduces paper waste, while e-Solutions such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, ranging from banking solutions to artificial intelligence-based innovative products, save on printer consumables and paper invoice and allows thousands of trees to be saved from being cut with the production of more than 1 billion e-documents annually. WMS Warehouse Management System, developed for storage area, stock, and workforce management, minimizes waste in storage systems and optimizes resource usage.

The cloud-based solution set, which has been in Logo’s solution portfolio since 2011 with new products added every year, takes Logo customers one step further in both energy and resource efficiency. Logo Diva Retail, developed for the changing needs of the retail industry and helping to manage many different processes in real time; Logo Diva Shop, which enables to manage cash, stock, purchasing and pre-accounting in retail transactions with one store or several branches; Logo İşbaşı, an online pre-accounting program that provides easy access to pre-accounting transactions anytime, anywhere; Logo Cloud Services, including Cloud ERP and cloud-based document management; and cloud-based HR services, including Peoplise and talent management, are the products, whose weight are increasing in Logo revenues every year. Furthermore, Logo constantly develops code blocks that use caching and can operate faster. It builds and manages its own software programs in line with the micro-service architecture as far as possible. Thus, it prevents excessive energy consumption.

Here at Logo, the environmental impact of operations is managed under the guidance of Logo Environmental Policy. Renewable energy, the efficient use of resources and the circular economy form the focal points for reducing environmental impact.

Logo integrates digital solutions, which are at the center of its business model, to its internal processes at the maximum level. Utmost importance is attached to execute all business processes, ranging from resource management to planning which require internal communication, via digital working tools. E-learning programs designed for employee development have been expanding. Aforementioned practices facilitate to reduce the environmental impact caused by employee commuting. Although Logo does not own any data centers, it does ensure that the data center provider has energy efficiency practices in place. With the transition to digital license keys as of the second half of 2008 and the transition to virtual shipment system as of the last quarter of 2010, Logo does not have physical products with packaging and the products do not have any environmental impact due to packaging.

Environmental policy

The processes, duties and authorities regarding the identification, implementation, review, audit and reporting of Environmental Policy are identified by our Board of Directors in line with the laws and other regulations in effect. All our employees are responsible for enforcing, implementing and improving the Environmental Policy. Board of Directors commits to supporting the implementation of the Environmental Policy. Sustainability Working Group takes actions as a supporting structure within the scope of Environmental Policy. You may send all your questions and remarks regarding environmental issues to sustainability@logo.com.tr

Environmental policy
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