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With Logo ERP solutions specifically developed for small businesses, manage your resources in the most efficient manner possible to achieve time and cost savings, and get one step closer to your growth targets.

Startups and small businesses try to manage many processes with limited human resources to be able to operate efficiently, and then to grow. These businesses also outsource their accounting processes, and thus need an effective control mechanism. Custom solutions that recognize the specific needs of small businesses and are developed on this basis, enable single-pointed management of the entire process, and with rapid deployment, help businesses start operating efficiently in a short period of time.

Logo’s Logo Start 3 solution for small businesses, and in particular Logo Mali Müşavir 3 solution for Public Accountants and Public Accountants & Financial Advisors provides cost advantages with effective management of all business processes including accounting processes. But due to their customizable structure, logo Solutions also offer flexibility to small businesses.

End-to-end management of all processes from orders to shipments
More efficient cost management
Time savings and cost advantages
Customizable structure