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Handling every human resources process, from recruitment and performance evaluations, to leave monitoring and benefits as a whole, Logo Netsis HR offers flexibility and ease of use with its web-based structure.

Modular structure

All businesses, that would like to move their HR processes to the digital environment and manage them on a modular basis, benefit from the advantages offered by Logo Netsis HR. With is modular structure, Logo Netsis HR provides the best support to meet HR professionals’ needs.


Access anywhere

With its web-based structure, Logo Netsis HR allows the ability to work anytime, anywhere.


Strong integration 

Logo Netsis HR can be integrated with Logo Netsis 3 Payroll for the management of payroll processes, with Logo Flow for process management, and with Logo Mind Insight for analysis and reporting.

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  • Time saving in employee affairs

    The HR Personnel Affairs Management module of Logo Netsis brings all employee information together and allows viewing on a single screen. This allows HR teams to save time and effort.

  • A reliable pool of information

    The Organization Management module of Logo Netsis HR records and reports all employee-related information required for business, meeting the most basic need of HR departments. Information such as work location, department, position, and superiors of an employee are entered to the system using the Organization Module, creating a reliable pool of employee information. 

  • Effective management of leave requests

    Logo Netsis HR offers the Leave Management module to simplify leave processes, which create a significant workload for HR departments. Integrated with the Employee Portal, this module allows viewing of all leave requests and information entered by employees in the system.

  • Training planning and management

    With Logo Netsis HR, which automates training processes, investment and resources planned to be allocated for training can be set easily, and annual budgets and training programs can be prepared accordingly. Moreover, new training programs can be planned based on demand or needs, and tangible benefits of training can be measured and reported.

  • Reliable surveys

    Survey Management module of Logo Netsis HR facilitates planning by receiving feedback from employees, and allows easy creation of surveys with questions of different types. Automatically created by the module, these surveys can be assigned to relevant people or groups in the system, and notifications can be sent out.

  • Online performance measurement

    Performance Management module of Logo Netsis HR, which allows the creation of analytical and objective performance evaluations, gives assurance to employees with its data-based design and transparent structure. Evaluations made online generate faster and more precise results compared to manual systems. 

  • Standardization in recruitment

    The Recruitment Management module of Logo Netsis HR standardizes the entire recruitment process, and allows faster management of the process. The module is integrated with, one of the leading human resources companies in Turkey. Using Logo Netsis HR, you can create a specific Recruitment Portal for your company, allowing candidates to apply using their LinkedIn accounts. 

  • Employee Portal

    Logo Netsis HR Employee Portal enables each employee to easily access information about themselves or the company. Defined as self-service HR, this application, reinforces the transparency between the company and the employees. Logging in the portal with their personal passwords, the personnel can easily follow up their current status and create requests in areas such as leave, overtime, and training. The portal, where all news and announcements about the company can be entered, is also a corporate communication platform.                                                                                                                    

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get in touch with your business partners?

    You can access the contact information of Logo business partners through the business partner contact page on our website.

  • How can I get detailed information about Netsis HR product?

    For more information about Netsis HR, you can review the promotional brochure, watch the product video or contact Logo business partners. You can also contact business partners and participate in product training.

  • What is the number of users and employees defined in the main package of Netsis?

    10 users and 100 employees are defined in the main package of Netsis HR. For additional users and employees, the capability to raise the number of users and employees needs to be purchased.

  • Is there a limit on the number of employees and users?

    There are no limits on the number of employees or users.

  • Are the records of previous employees included in employee counts?

    Records of previous employees are not included in employee counts.

  • What languages does Netsis HR support?

    Turkish and English are standard in Netsis HR.

  • What are the contents of the Netsis HR main package?

    Personnel Affairs Management is included in the Netsis HR main package. Personnel Affairs Management must be purchased for all other modules to work. With the Personnel Affairs Management module, you can monitor employee information, conduct criteria-based searches within the module, generate desire reports, and integrate with Netsis 3 Payroll.

  • What additional modules can be purchased for the Netsis HR main package?

    You can purchase Organization Management, Training Management, Performance Management, Leave Management, Survey Management and Recruitment Management modules for Netsis HR.

    In addition, you can purchase the Netsis HR Recruitment Portal and Netsis HR Employee Portal for recruitment and for your employees.

  • How can we use the Performance Management or Leave Management additional modules for the Netsis HR main package more effectively?

    We recommend purchasing the Netsis HR Employee portal to make more effective use of these two modules. Employee Portal would allow employees to be more actively involved in their leave and performance processes.

  • What are the benefits provided by Netsis HR Employee Portal?

    With Netsis HR Employee Portal, you can share company bylaws, announcements, employee information, and organizational chars with all employees. Employees, on the other hand, can track their payrolls, and make any cash advances, leave, and training requests online.

  • How can we send out a questionnaire, prepared in Netsis HR Survey Management module, to employees?

    You need to purchase the Netsis HR Employee Portal to be able to use the Survey Management module. You can share the questionnaire with your employees using the Employee Portal.

  • What is the Netsis HR Recruitment Portal for?

    With Netsis HR Recruitment Portal, you can manage your recruitment processes more effectively. Candidates can create profiles on the Recruitment Portal using their LinkedIn accounts, and apply for available positions.

  • Are there any additional modules we need to buy for the Netsis HR main package to be able to use the Netsis HR Recruitment Portal?

    To be able to use the Netsis HR Recruitment Portal, you need to purchase the Recruitment Module in addition to the main package.

  • How can I manage occupational health and safety processes with Netsis HR?

    You can purchase eLogo OHS packages. eLogo OHS packages can be integrated with Logo Netsis HR.

  • How can I track the accrued annual leave of employees?

    You can track the accrued and taken leave of employees with the Netsis HR Leave Management module. You can generate and analyze reports on the basis of types of leave.

  • Can I plan training programs for employees?

    With Netsis HR Training Management module, you can create and budget annual training plans, and measure training costs. You can assign the relevant training to individual employees, and plan new training programs as needed.

  • Can I design printouts for leave request forms?

    Yes, you can design printouts for leave request forms. In addition, you can design printouts for personnel information forms and training participation forms.